NFL Concussion Cases

In July 2011, Seventy-five former NFL players filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles, California Superior Court alleging that the league has covered up the harmful effects of concussions since the 1920s. Former Miami Dolphins wide receiver Mark Duper and former New York Giants running backs Otis Anderson and Rodney Hampton were among the first litigants in what was an explosive lawsuit filing.

In the original claim, the plaintiff’s alleged that the NFL commissioned a study in 1994, titled “NFL Committee on Mild Traumatic Brain Injury” and published a report in 2004, concluding there was “no evidence of worsening injury or chronic cumulative effects” from multiple concussions. The suit contends that this was a false and misleading report to cover up the real damaging effects of concussions and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, in an effort to protect the NFL brand. And, the suit alleges, it was not until June, 2010, that the NFL acknowledged concussions can lead to dementia, memory loss, CTE and related symptoms. All of the players are claiming they suffered injuries as a result of multiple concussions.

At the time of the filing many experts were unsure what type of shift –if any- that the NFL would take based on the traction of more players filing suit that were similarly situated as the original plaintiffs. By 2013 over 4500 ex-players filed suit against the league and an initial settlement was reached in late 2013, though that settlement was denied approval. In August of 2014, the landmark settlement was finally approved for $765MM.

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