About Bridgeview

Bridgeview Legal Funding Inc. is a funding firm which advances Plaintiffs cash against their pending lawsuit. Our lawsuit funding process allows individuals the ability to “Bridge” their financial burdens so that they can “View” their future today.

Our services are sometimes vital for individuals to meet their financial needs during a period of uncertainty and concern. This allows you to remain patient while your case consumes the necessary time to obtain its full value and provide you with the largest settlement possible. This creates a “win-win” situation for all parties involved in this process. Best of all, our underwriters are some of the most aggressive in the industry and pay you an optimal price NOW for your case with NO RISK TO YOU.

Why Choose Bridgeview?

Why choose us? We say “YES!” when other companies say “NO!” Bridgeview’s highly skilled agents are all experienced professionals in the legal funding industry. When we receive the paperwork from your law firm, we start immediately.

Our team of attorneys thoroughly read through the specifics of your case and after a brief conversation with your attorney, they underwrite your lawsuit. Once we have a clear understanding of the liability and value of your suit, we find the appropriate investor who is willing to advance you the money. Bridgeview has the experience and connections to find you the money you need when other companies can’t. We have a wide network of hedge funds, private equity funds and individual investors. We also have the knowledge and capability to match you with the right investor who can get you the cash you need now. So, why call another company who might say “No”, when Bridgeview will say, “Yes!”

Contact Us:

Bridgeview Legal Funding
7320 E. Butherus Road, Suite 107
Scottsdale, AZ  85260
Phone: 480-355-2566
Fax:  480-302-7906