Bridgeview’s Attorney Services

Bridgeview offers a full comprehensive warehouse of law firm funding products. Whether you are a single practitioner, a small partnership or a large Law firm that works on a contingency fee basis, we work to “tailor” a funding solution specific for your firm’s needs. In partnership with our institutional investors we have the capital resources to provide large recourse credit facilities for large and mid-sized firms, as well as non-recourse financing for smaller firms and single attorneys. Regardless of if your firm needs internal cash for general operations, or larger cases that require substantial “out of pocket” expenses, Bridgeview is here to help.

Bridgeview does this by leveraging your firm’s pending case files. Unlike a traditional lending institution we can leverage your most tangible assets… your cases. Bridgeview is able to fully assess the accurate value of your portfolio of cases, and utilize them as collateral to create a funding program that works best for both your short and long term needs. Most importantly, our creative repayment schedule is not fixed, but instead enables your firm the flexibility to payback when your cases settle. We understand that every firm’s cases settle on a sporadic basis and one that is unique to them. Bridgeview’s goal is to assist you with your short term cash flow restrictions, so that your firm continues to grow to its maximum potential at all times.

Portfolio Advances

This is a simple application process where funding can occur as quickly as 48 hours. This is a non-recourse advance that does not need a credit check or any personal guarantees. The advance can be collateralized by your portfolio of either unsettled or settled cases. The amount of money loaned depends the fees Bridgeview anticipates your firm will receive.

Case Cost Line of Credit

Bridgeview Legal Funding’s law firm financing services also include attorney or law firm lines of credit, commonly known as a case cost line of credit.  Collateral for the lines of credit are developed using anticipated fees on your open cases. By doing this we are able to maximize your cash flow and increase the capital at your disposal so you can remain focused on current cases and future business development.

When you utilize Bridgeview’s attorney lines of credit you will feel comfortable knowing you can draw on your established line of credit, as needed, even during trial seasons. When a trial is ending or a settlement imminent, we will forward documents setting forth the costs of the attorney line of credit loan for inclusion in the settlement case sheet. In many situations, your firm may be reimbursed for any interest on your attorney line of credit, as well as any additional charges incurred.

Medical/Surgical Lien Funding

Bridgeview Legal Funding can provide your uninsured clients with the needed capital to get the medical care or surgery they need. Surgical funding will help to position these particular cases for maximum settlement value. Our Medical/Surgical Lien funding is a win/win proposition that helps your client get the medical assistance that they desperately need that otherwise would be impossible to receive. It helps your firm increase profitability, and assists doctors in your network to get paid upfront for the procedures that they do instead of waiting for the case to settle.